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The Wide Peeler




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If you already have our classic Peeler and you know your Peeler Basics, this is a great 'next tool' for creating perfectly peeled patterns with all your favourite Cutting Edge techniques... at twice the width!

The WIDE Peeler is a simple stand-alone slicer that’s ideal for making elegantly thin decorative veneers. The self-leveling stainless steel blade cuts clean, even slices with no special jigs, bases, or boxes required. Whether you’re starting with single-layer sheets or taller slabs, for bigger Holes, longer Lines, maxi Matrix Canes, and more Mokume than ever, the WIDE Peeler is all you need.

The WIDE Peeler Kit comes with a Burnisher, Burnishing Paper, and two Slab Templates. It does not include any tutorial, so we recommend this tool only if you already have a regular Peeler and are familiar with Cutting Edge Peeler techniques.

The WIDE Peeler Kit | $20
• WIDE Peeler
• WIDE Slab Layer Templates
• Burnisher
• Burnishing Paper


The Peeler Kit | $20

Tutorial: Holes & Lines | $10

Burnishing Kit | $10

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The Peeler Kit Plus | $28
• The Peeler Kit
Holes & Lines
Order both and save $2.
Discount Code: PEELPLUS

The Double Peeler Package | $55
• The Peeler Kit
Holes & Lines
• The WIDE Peeler Kit
• Burnishing Kit
Order together and save $5.
Discount Code: DOUBLEPEEL

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