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Sanding Sponge Kit



What's better than a sheet of sandpaper, and more versatile than a sponge? Sandpaper and a sponge in one!

• for texturing raw polymer clay surfaces
• for sculpting one-of-a-kind organic forms
• for sanding and shaping baked polymer clay
• for applying liquid polymer clay, paint, and other media to raw and baked polymer clay surfaces
• for Sponge Bezeling, Dan's original technique for elegantly wrapping, framing, and veneering baked polymer clay shapes and forms

With sandpaper on one side, and sponge on the other, these two-side tools can be used wet or dry, and are washable for re-use.

Each Kit includes four (4) Sanding Sponges: 2 x 80 grit (coarse), and 2 x 100 grit (medium). Each sponge is 2 7/8" x 4", but can be easily trimmed to smaller custom sizes as needed.

Prices do not include shipping & handling. This will be automatically added to your order, depending on quantity and destination.

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