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Sanding Kit

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1 sheet sanding screen
2 sanding sponges
10 sheets wet/dry sandpaper

I have always believed in 'finishing right from the start.' With the right tools and the know-how to use them, finishing can be easy. But the best tools aren't always easy to find.

That's why we're excited to debut a new Sanding Kit that includes all the essentials to elegantly take your work through three different phases, shaping and sanding your pieces smooth, smoother, and smoothest.

It's as easy as 1, 2... 10!


Sanding screen is my tool of choice when I want to remove material and sand flat areas quickly. The open mesh allows the dust to fall through, eliminating the clogging issues you often get with regular sandpaper. It can be used wet or dry, and is easy to clean.

This Sanding Kit includes one (1) sheet of sanding screen.


What's better than a sheet of sandpaper, and more versatile than a sponge? Sandpaper and a sponge in one!

• for texturing raw polymer clay surfaces
• for sculpting one-of-a-kind organic forms
• for sanding and shaping baked polymer clay
• for applying liquid polymer clay, paint, and other media to raw and baked polymer clay surfaces
• for Sponge Bezeling, my original technique for elegantly wrapping and framing baked polymer clay shapes and forms

With sandpaper on one side, and sponge on the other, these two-side tools can be used wet or dry, and are washable for re-use.

This Sanding Kit includes two (2) Sanding Sponges: 1 x 80 grit (coarse), and 1 x 100 grit (medium).


A smooth surface and sheen can be achieved with just two stages of wet/dry sanding. But good sanding is only as good as your sandpaper, and 3M wet/dry sandpaper is the best we've ever used.

Here are some features:

• 400 grit size is 30 microns (extra fine)
• 600 grit size is 15 microns (super fine)
• silicon carbide grains
• closed coat (no gaps between the grains)
• can be used on baked polymer, as well as other plastics, wood, metal, and fiberglass
• can be used wet or dry
• waterproof backing paper and resin adhesive makes it suitable for use with water, liquid soap, and other lubricants
• can be fixed to flat surfaces or dowel with double-sided tape, for finishing both flat and concave surfaces, and sanding the inside edges of holes

This Sanding Kit includes four (4) sheets of 400 and six (6) sheets of 600.

Use 400 for overall smoothing and shaping, softening edges, hiding seams, and integrating complex veneer surfaces.

Use 600 for making a smooth satin surface even smoother, or to prepare for buffing.

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