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PDF Tutorial : Holes & Lines

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Image of PDF Tutorial : Holes & Lines
  • Image of PDF Tutorial : Holes & Lines
  • Image of PDF Tutorial : Holes & Lines
  • Image of PDF Tutorial : Holes & Lines
  • Image of PDF Tutorial : Holes & Lines


Holes & Lines is a downloadable PDF tutorial that is included as an add-on when you purchase The Cutting Edge Peeler Kit. If you're planning to add this Kit to your cart, you don't need to add this tutorial.

If you already have a Cutting Edge Peeler, this tutorial will show you some cool new ways to use it. As a graduate of one of our Peeler-based online MasterClasses, you may be ready to expand your peeling repertoire beyond the beautifully blurry blends in Blurred Lines, the mesmerizing motifs in Matrix Canes, and the 'single slice' set-up in Single Slice Mokume.


Since its debut as our flagship tool in 2005, The Cutting Edge Peeler has become the ‘go to’ blade for hundreds of artists around the world to easily peel perfect patterned polymer clay veneers from mokume slabs, striped stacks, composite canes, and more.

More than anything, The Cutting Edge techniques that have made the biggest ‘impression’ are those that combine the precision of peeling with the dramatic mica shift possibilities in metallic polymer clay, giving unbelievable illusions of engraving, embossing, and 'Texture Without Texture' to smooth-surfaced slices of colour.

Holes & Lines is a tutorial that covers all the basics of peeling, while revealing mica shift patterns that aren't really as precisely possible without a Peeler. First taught in our original Cutting Edge workshops in 2005, and published in Polymer Cafe Magazine in 2006 (‘The Cutting Edge: Lines’), Dan’s groundbreaking peel-and-reveal secrets were truly 'cutting edge' and showcased mica like never before.

For a fundamental intro to Dan's signature ‘TWT’ techniques, Holes & Lines is the original source tutorial for making simple but dynamic graphic patterns in metallic polymer clay.


Holes & Lines is a 13-page downloadable PDF tutorial with 26 full-colour step-out photos and detailed written instructions for making your first collection of precisely peeled patterned veneers. Maximizing the magic of mica shift, you'll learn the basics for both Holes and Lines, two archetypal Cutting Edge Peeler motifs that will get you peeling with confidence and give you your own collection of decorative veneers ready to use in the jewelry or object project of your choice. The tutorial ends with 15 sample swatches that you can try for practice and use as inspiration for further exploration with this versatile studio tool. The tutorial also includes a DIY duplicate of the Burnisher and Templates that are included in the Peeler Kit so you can print out extras for future use.

This digital resource will be made available to you via email after the Pop-Up sale ends.

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