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Holes & Lines

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Since 2005, The Cutting Edge Peeler has become the ‘go to’ blade for hundreds of artists around the world to easily peel perfect patterned polymer clay veneers from striped stacks, mokume slabs, composite canes, and more.

More than anything, The Cutting Edge techniques that have made the biggest ‘impression’ are those that combine the precision of peeling with the dramatic mica shift possibilites in metallic polymer clay, giving unbelievable illusions of engraving, embossing, and 'Texture Without Texture' to smooth-surfaced slices of colour.

Holes & Lines is the ‘Peeler Plus’ tutorial that adds the perfect design complement to Peeler Basics. First published in Polymer Cafe Magazine in 2006, ‘The Cutting Edge: Lines’ featured Dan’s groundbreaking ‘heal, peel, and reveal’ secrets, showcasing mica like never before.

For a fundamental intro to Dan's signature ‘TWT’ techniques, this 8-page full-colour tutorial is the original source for making simple but dynamic graphic patterns in metallic polymer clay.

Holes & Lines | $10


The Peeler Kit | $20

The WIDE Peeler Kit | $20

Burnishing Kit | $10

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The Peeler Kit Plus | $28
• The Peeler Kit
Holes & Lines
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The Double Peeler Package | $55
• The Peeler Kit
Holes & Lines
• The WIDE Peeler Kit
• Burnishing Kit
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