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Designing With Dies: A Necklace Takes Shape

Image of Designing With Dies: A Necklace Takes Shape



Designing With Dies
A Necklace Takes Shape

a digital MasterClass DEMO
by Dan Cormier & Tracy Holmes

A companion to Relief Beyond Belief: Silhouette Dieforming in Polymer Clay, the debut volume in The Cutting Edge MasterClass Library.

Relief Beyond Belief shows how to Make a Bead using Cutting Edge Die Sets. This 26-page full-colour digital Demo book goes beyond to explore necklace design using the Die Set cut-outs.

What's in the book...

• Design Tools

a visual tool tableau and list of all the tools used in the Demo

• Make a Necklace
a step-by-step re-telling of how 12 cut-outs from two Die Sets were used to design the Relief Beyond Belief MasterClass Necklace, from choosing and arranging the shapes, planning the patterns and palette, to completing the necklace as a signed and wearable object

• Elements of Design
using one necklace as a reference point, shape, size, rhythm, balance, colour, and pattern are discussed, and other Circle+Stamen necklace design options are explored through more than 50 high resolution step-outs, sketches, and design diagrams

Discover a hands-on approach to design, and learn how to use Die Set cut-outs as 'actual size' tools to explore, plan, and produce necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other flats and forms in polymer clay.

Designing With Dies | $15


Relief Beyond Belief | $35
digital book

Die Sets | $22 | $25
9 dies + 9 cut-outs | $22
9 dies + 9 cut-outs + glass baking tile + storage box | $25

Polygon Die Sets | $14
5 dies + 5 cut-outs

Long Trio Die Sets | $8
3 dies + 3 cut-outs

Burnishing Kit | $10
4 Burnishers + 50 sheets of 100% rag paper

Glass Baking Tiles | $4
2 1/2" W x 3 1/2" H
2 ml glass with arrissed edges

Collector Pages | $1
binder page with 9 pockets
for storing Die Sets and Glass Baking Tiles

Storage Boxes | $1
clear plastic lidded box
for storing Die Sets and Glass Baking Tiles

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Relief Beyond Belief Plus | $40
Get the MasterClass book, Relief Beyond Belief, and the companion demo, Designing With Dies, in one complete design-and-make digital download duo.
Relief Beyond Belief
Designing With Dies
Order both and save $10.
Discount Code: RBBPLUS

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