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Burnishing Kit



For smoothing surfaces, sealing seams, healing cuts, burnishing complex veneers, warming sheets and slices, bonding layers of clay, building slabs, preparing clay for leaching... With so many uses, it's a must-have for the polymer clay studio.

Each Kit includes four (4) Burnishers, and fifty (50) sheets of 100% rag paper, pre-cut to 3 3/4" x 4 3/4".

As an add-on to any order, the Burnishing Kit ships for free.


The Peeler Kit | $20

The WIDE Peeler Kit | $20

The ShARK Kit | $35

The White ShARK Kit | $35

Die Sets | $25
9 sizes per set, with glass baking tile

Polygon Die Sets | $14
5 sizes per set

Long Trio Die Sets | $8
3 sizes per set

Prices do not include shipping & handling. This will be automatically added to your order, depending on quantity and destination.

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