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Welcome to THE CUTTING EDGE STORE, the place to find and purchase all our original precision tools and techniques for polymer clay. Here’s a short list of what you’ll find here...

• our classic PEELER, the perfect tool for precisely slicing decorative veneers

• our WIDE PEELER, the same great slices, with twice the blade width

• our debut digital MasterClass book, RELIEF BEYOND BELIEF

• our companion digital demo book, DESIGNING WITH DIES

• our complete collection of DIE SETS, the first two-part window + cut-out tool designed especially for polymer clay

: 6 Geometrics, in 9 sizes each
; 12 Organics, in 9 sizes each
; 7 Insects, in 9 sizes each
; 6 Polygons, in 5 sizes each; and 25 Long Trios, in 3 sizes each (3 Geos, 9 Organics, 7 Insects, and 6 Polygons)

• our BURNISHING KIT, with 4 Burnishers and 50 sheets of 100% rag paper

• our 4-pack SANDING SPONGE KIT, flexible textured sponge on one side, and sandpaper on the other, two at 80 grit (coarse) and two at 100 grit (medium)

• our GLASS BAKING TILES, handcut with arrissed edges for safe handling

Our classic regular-width red PEELER started it all when we debuted The Cutting Edge as a workshop in 2005. The Peeler Kit is still our most popular 'start here' product, and comes with our Peeler Basics tutorial and templates, a great intro to this tool and how to use it. There’s also a second 'Peeler Plus' tutorial, Holes & Lines, explaining Dan’s trail-blazing take on shifting mica to make dots, dashes, grids, gaps, holes, halos, and other graphic patterns in metallic polymer clay.

Once you've had a chance to learn these fundamentals with the regular Peeler, our WIDE PEELER is an ideal 'next step' tool to get the same perfect slices from all your Cutting Edge slabs, with double the width. Please note, the WIDE Peeler comes with templates, but no tutorials, so we recommend it only if you already have a regular Peeler and are familiar with basic Cutting Edge techniques.

Our DIE SETS were developed and designed specifically for polymer clay, but you can use them with ither media, for flat sheet shape-cutting, drawing, designing, and of course, 3D dieforming. You can view them grouped into Geometrics, Organics, Insects, Polygons, and Long Trios, or scroll through the full collection and see them all together. Each Die Set has its own product page, so be sure to click on each Die Set cover to pop up all the details about that shape.

DIGITAL BOOKS is where you'll find our digital books, including our debut MasterClass on dieforming, Relief Beyond Belief. Click on the covers of either title to see all the details. When you make your purchase, you'll receive a secure link via email with instructions to download your PDF. Once it's downloaded in your web browser window, make sure you save it on your computer or tablet, for future viewing.

We’ve been selling our original tools and techniques since 1995, at workshops, conferences, and here on the web. We’ve set up our store with everything on its own, so you can buy just what you need, when you need it. There are also companion tool suggestions listed on each product page, some with discount codes to save you a little when you purchase related products together.

The digital books are available to purchase and download at any time. For all our other products (the tools, and the printed tutorials and templates that go with them), quantities are limited.

All prices listed here are in Canadian dollars, and do not include shipping & handling.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please contact us using the contact form on this site.

Dan + Tracy