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Blend Template Set



With our Blend Basics tutorial as your teacher, a Complex Blend Template as your key, and a sleek ShARK to keep your clay in place through the fold-and-feed magic of blending, it’s easy to see why the classic Skinner Blend is only the beginning. And once you go beyond the Blend, you’re not going to want to stop.

As an add-on to either our Black or White ShARK Kit, the Blend Template Set gives you ten different ways to turn two contrasting sheets of colour into a diverse range of gradient steps, soft stripes, random bands, and back-and-forth blends. Use them at full size, or use your ShARK to reduce them down for smaller projects.

Learn more here: What is a Sh.A.R.K.?

Blend Template Set | $10
Ten (10) Complex Blend Templates
• 5-Step Staircase
• 3-Level Staircase
• Soft Stripes
• Random Stripes
• Angel Wing Stripes
• Spiral Blended Bands
• Blended Staircase
• Reverse Blended Staircase
• Ridges
• Serpent’s Tongue Bands


The ShARK Kit | $35

The White ShARK Kit | $35

Burnishing Kit | $10

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The ShARK Kit Plus | $43
• The ShARK Kit (Black or White)
• Blend Template Set
Order both and save $2.
Discount Code: SHARKPLUS

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